Snow Hunter’s World Bi-Monthly Dry Slope News

Issue 215 December 2023 – January 2024

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Dry ski slope manufacturer JF DRY SKI have been celebrating the decision by the International Ski & Snowboard Federation (FIS) to use their surface at an FIS Freeskiing World Championships in Switzerland in late October. Along with alpine ski racing in Solden this was one of the two opening events of the 23-24 World Cup Season.

JF DRY SKI supplied a total of 340 sqm to the course for the FIS Freeski & Snowboard World Cup 2023, one of the world's top-class freeski contests, which was successfully hosted in Chur, Switzerland on October 20 and 21.

“As an equipment and technology supplier, we are extremely proud to have been a part of this amazing event. We provided a 35 metre length of dry ski surface that covered the slope from the top platform all the way down to the in-run, before transition, providing a more stable base in use,” said a JF DRY SKI spokesperson, who continued,

“Introducing JF DRY SKI mats to this world-class event followed numerous tests by the FIS before they deciding to go with us. Paving a layer of dry ski mats made the ramp's surface more stable during use and kept it in good condition for all competitors. The weather was very unstable during these two days, and our dry slope material helped the organizer save money and time on ramp maintenance.”

“This is a significant achievement and milestone for JF DRY SKI. We have dedicated over 20 years to the development of artificial ski mats, and it demonstrates that JF DRY SKI mats are not only ideal for professional training but also meet the high technical standards required for professional competitions,” the spokesperson continued, concluding, “We sincerely appreciate FIS for introducing our dry ski mats to this big event and all of our partners for their contribution to making it happen. JF DRY SKI will continue with the momentum for the R&D and innovation of dry ski mats and contribute to the development of snow sports.”

On the part of the FIS a preview of the competition noted:

“One thing of note here at the Big Air Chur is the brand-new jump set-up, which features 35m of the world-renowned JF Dry Ski technology on the in-ramp, which then transitions to snow a few metres before the compression, with the jump and landing constructed of snow as per usual. Feedback on the in-run …has been overwhelmingly positive, with some athletes stating they can’t even notice the difference, and others suggesting the JF Dry Ski drop in is even better than snow. All we know is that it’s working, and it’s working well.”

旱雪毯制造商 JF DRY SKI 一直在庆祝国际滑雪和单板滑雪联合会 (FIS) 决定在 10 月底于瑞士举行的 FIS 自由滑雪世界锦标赛上使用其表面。 与索尔登的高山滑雪比赛一起,这是 23-24 世界杯赛季的两项开幕赛事之一。

JF DRY SKI 为 2023 年 FIS 自由滑雪世界杯提供了总计 340 平方米的场地,这项世界顶级自由滑雪比赛于 10 月 20 日至 21 日在瑞士库尔成功举办。

“作为设备和技术供应商,我们非常自豪能够参与这一令人惊叹的活动。 我们提供了 35 米长的干滑雪表面,在过渡之前覆盖了从顶部平台一直到滑道内的斜坡,提供了更稳定的使用基础。”JF DRY SKI 发言人说道。

“将 JF DRY SKI 垫子引入这项世界级赛事之前,国际滑雪联合会 (FIS) 进行了多次测试,然后才决定与我们合作。 铺上一层干燥的滑雪垫可以使坡道表面在使用过程中更加稳定,并为所有参赛者保持良好的状态。 这两天的天气非常不稳定,我们的旱雪坡道材料帮助组织者节省了坡道维护的金钱和时间。”

“这是 JF DRY SKI 的一项重大成就和里程碑。 我们20多年来致力于人造滑雪垫的开发,这表明JF DRY SKI垫不仅是专业训练的理想选择,而且满足专业比赛所需的高技术标准。” 衷心感谢 FIS 将我们的干滑雪垫引入这一大型活动,并感谢我们所有的合作伙伴为实现这一活动所做的贡献。 JF DRY SKI将继续保持干式滑雪垫研发创新的动力,为冰雪运动的发展贡献力量。”


“Big Air Chur 值得注意的一件事是全新的跳跃设置,该设置在入口坡道上采用了 35m 世界知名的 JF Dry Ski 技术,然后在压缩前几米处过渡到雪 ,跳跃和着陆照常由雪构成。 滑行中的反馈……非常积极,一些运动员表示他们甚至没有注意到差异,其他人则认为 JF 干滑雪场甚至比雪更好。 我们所知道的是它正在发挥作用,而且运转良好。”