Needle mushroom dry ski mats

Knowing China dry ski starts with JF dryski

knowing JF Dryski starts with Mushroom Dry Ski Mat

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What is the"Dry ski"&"JF Dry ski"?!

The "Dry ski" is a skiing method in a snow-free state, and it is an extension of time and space for skiing on real snow. JF dry ski is a composite of metal and special plastic modules with a thickness of about 7-8 cm. These modules are interlocking and installed to form a Dry ski slope, allowing skiers to use the same snowboards and skills as real snow to complete the skiing experience. JF dry ski relies on comprehensive physical principles to enable skiers to achieve rapid downhill, turning, braking, and emergency stops on slopes by reducing and increasing friction. Even surpassing any Dry ski material in the world, it can perfectly achieve the arc of the snowboard and the difficult skiing action during the edge change. At normal temperatures, the lubrication effect of Dry ski surfaces is close to 90% of that of natural snow. The "JF Dry ski" with the appearance characteristics of Needle Mushroom, is a Dry ski product with independent intellectual property rights and patents in China. It is praised as China's Dry ski by its Western counterparts.


Development history of Dry Ski Sports

2023, The Needle mushroom dry ski BIG AIR is rising all over the world, and there is no sign of stopping.

The 2010s, Dry slope projects around the world began to use Needle mushroom dry ski mats.

The 2000s, A dry ski mat shaped like needle mushroom originated in China and was invented by Jian Feng.

The 1990s, rush dry ski was upgraded from mesh to mat and block, and the representative brand was Snowflex.

The 1980s, A ski machine similar to a treadmill was popular in European indoor gyms.

The 1970s, The comb dry ski was upgraded from triangle (masonry) to various other shapes, and the representative brand is Neveplast..

The 1960, A dry ski mat made of plastic shaped like a comb and brush became popular in Western developed countries. The representative brand is Dendix.

The 1950, Humans tried to get rid of natural snow by sand-boarding, pine needles, kaolin, straw, sand, rugs, and mineral pellets.

The first generation of needle mushroom dry ski was mat tested in the Chengdu JF factory on May 29 2007
Beijing Xiangshan Ski Resort Dendix UK China s first brush dry slope opened on December 26 1998
Beijing Jingzhihu Ski Resort the first comb dry slope in China opened in 2012 Japanese Four Seasons Snow

The Commonly used dry ski mats

The Commonly used dry ski mats

The four most popular and best-selling varieties

The four most popular and best-selling varieties


Features: This is a dry ski mat with strong compatibility;

Snow layer: 4 layers (base/braking/turning/sliding);

Suitable for: slopes in popular ski areas;

Evaluation: The softness of the cushioning is rated 100 on the dry ski mats ;

Services: zero-based, primary, intermediate.



Features: a dry ski mat used in the buffer zone of the ski slope;

Snow layer: 4 layers (base/braking/turning/sliding);

Suitable for: mass ski buffer area;

Evaluation: The comprehensive score of shock absorption and trample resistance in the dry ski mats of needle mushroom is 90;

Services: zero-based, primary, intermediate.



Features: A dry ski mat with strong pedaling resistance and slipperiness;

Snow layer: 4 layers (base/braking/turning/sliding);

Suitable for: slope start platform and steep slope area;

Evaluation: In the dry ski mats of needle mushroom, the tread resistance and hardness score are 100;

Service: starting platforms and

Ramp to increase taxi speed.



Features: It has a price advantage and can only be used for dry ski mat on slopes;

Snow layer: 3 layers (base/braking/sliding);

Suitable for: ordinary ski slopes;

Evaluation: The comprehensive score in needle mushroom dry ski mats is lower than 90;

Service: zero-based, primary, intermediate.


Special dry ski mats

Special dry ski mats

Industry personality and application in special environment

Industry personality and application in special environment


The Dry ski mats installed on special slope foundation

Its base has a unique feature, which is particularly strong and not easy to deform. The length of a single unit can exceed 1 meter, and it can be fixed on the keel at a distance of one meter without the need for steel plates and other materials, saving basic costs.

The advantage of this base is that it can be installed on a lawn, keel frame, wire rope, or even on old-fashioned overdue dry ski mats (no need for users to spend the effort to remove them).

The difference in base structure makes it compatible with other dry ski mats models, so that any type of dry ski mat can meet the functions described above, such as 1818h6uk, 1218h6uk, 1818h7uk and so on.



Grippy and easy to handle

The uneven surface is easy to carve and is a close relative of the "1818h7s" model (the two can be used mixed). The hardness maintains the strength of the "1818h6" model, and the upper and lower space changes of the surface structure and the difference in density layout make the snowboard easier to control when turning and adjusting the direction.

This style is used in the slope conversion adjustment area of enthusiast skiing areas and Airbag jumping inrun. It can correct the direction of snowboard sliding without slowing down so that skiers can enter the props and take-off platform more calmly.



Easy edge control/high grip/more like a snowflake

In addition to having most of the advantages of the enoki mushroom dry ski mat and maintaining the support strength of the "1818h6" model, it is characterized by the surface. The ups and downs of the bumps change greatly, breaking the appearance of the linear array, making the skis easy to control and feeling more like real snow.

It is recommended that users use this model for the starting area of the Big Air's steep slope and the kicker's ejection port area when designing. Make sure that no accidents and slippage occur when the athlete puts pressure on the snowboard before taking off.



A dry ski mat that has no other disadvantages except being expensive

This style is made of non-flammable plastic (high flame retardant), which can meet the fire safety requirements of dry ski resorts and buildings. It is characterized by non-flammability and long life (more than 20 years). Its material cost is expensive. We have collected many users' inquiries about the fire protection requirements of dry ski mats, so we developed this style for these customers.

This is not a special structure but a different material. Any style of JF dry ski mat can have a fireproof function as long as it uses this material.

Due to the great fluctuation of materials in the market, we can only provide real-time price quotations to customers.


Multiple models/multiple choices/more applicable/more professional

Our requirements for the dry snow blanket should be as perfect as possible, just like the natural snow in the snow field. The difference in snow quality will affect the sliding effect, speed, and technical movements.

So how about dry snow? It is the same. Beginners, enthusiasts, and professional athletes have different requirements for the snow surface. Beginners do not seek fast speed but have a 100% sense of security and minimize the pain if they fall. On the dry snow, enthusiasts hope to have a better interaction with the dry snow and to be able to practice more difficult movements smoothly. Athletes have higher technical requirements like speed, snowboard control, stability, and increased safety.

We sorted out a table, and after comparing it, You can see why there are so many different models.

Introduction on Xindu JF Dryski Four Seasons Resort

Xindu JF Dryski Four Seasons Ski Resort is located at Xindu Sports Park in Chengdu. Constructed in early 2017, it is currently the largest dry slope in Southwest China, with a total area of approximately 20,000 square meters invested by JF dry ski. The skiing area is about 16,000 square meters. The slopes are built on a durable foundation using galvanized wheel buckle scaffolding. The ski resort rises from the flat ground and has been designed in a pyramid structure, with the highest point reaching 27 meters above the ground. The skiing surface utilizes the fourth generation of Needle Mushroom Dry Ski Mats and is equipped with the safest special protective equipment to ensure the safety of its users. The longest slope measures 178 meters.

The unique structure of the dry ski slopes scientifically divides users into three groups: beginners, intermediates, and professional skiers. From a technical perspective, it is divided into limited skiing zones and free-skiing zones. With various slopes for different uses, the most distinctive feature is the entry-level riding track which is the safest facility for complete beginners to learn to control speed; other features like a snowboard park, intermediate Bag Jump, BIG AIR, Mogul slope, enthusiasts’ favorite advanced slope(tattoo slope), etc. The operation of Xindu Jianfeng Dry ski Four Season Resort complied with a scientific management framework with the latest dry ski protective equipment and the dry ski management concept to guarantee the safety of visitors.

Production base

We always welcome our customers and partners to visit our factory and observe our production process through various means, such as arranging on-site inspections with Chinese agents, sending trusted business partners, or engaging in live mobile phone broadcasts.

Vintage world map


The life of China's Dry ski is closely connected with the world's Dry ski. Mr. Jian Feng learned to ski on the brush-like British Dry ski, but he discovered the technical defects of the brush Dry ski, the rough brush tip section, and the comb Dry ski's Thick poles also very easily caused injuries. In addition, its appearance simulation, the friction coefficient between the surface and the snowboard, and the rebound force are far from real snow, and the effect is unsatisfactory. After decades of research, Mr. Jian Feng has creatively transformed the key structure and installation of the world's Dry ski. In 2007, he invented the needle mushroom Chinese Dry ski and applied for a Chinese patent. Jianfeng established the country's first Dry ski field covered with needle mushroom Dry ski on a piece of open space for a real estate project in the south gate of Chengdu, showing its unique simulation and safety features to the outside. After years of reform and business exploration, it has achieved great success. needle mushroom Dry ski is well known by young people in Chengdu, and Chengdu has thus cultivated tens of thousands of ski lovers. As the Dry ski product of China's Dry ski brand, Jianfeng Dry Ski entered Japan in 2014, the United States (the training base of the National Ski Association in Salt Lake City) in 2016, Austria in 2017, and Australia and Canada in 2018.

The first generation of enoki mushroom dry skimat looks like this


Jian Feng the inventor of needle mushroom dry ski mat
Jian Feng focused on oil painting in college This is his work Ambition collected by GHK Company in the United States
In 1992 MR JIAN FENG was taking ski lessons at a London dry slope
In 2016 JIAN FENG was testing his riding slide props
The user list of Special administrative region Outside of China

01 2013/09/19 JFdryski appeared at the Taiwan International Ski Expo Taiwan

02 2015/04/24 The Dry slopes Obuse Quest, Japan

03 2015/07/16 The Dry slopes Saitama Quest, Japan

04 2015/08/18 The Dry slopes Aichi Quest, Japan

05 2016/06/30 American Ski Association,Park City, Salt Lake City, USA

06 2016/08/05 The Dry slopes Tohoku Quest, Japan

07 2016/08/15 The WyEast Mountain Academy in Portland (Oregon)

08 2017/04/11 The Banger Ski Park, Austria

09 2017/06/15 The Dry slopes Hiroshima Quest, Japan

10 2018/05/28 Rue du trianon sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada

11 2018/06/04 The Axtion Indoor Adventure Park (Snow tubing) in

Newfoundland, Canada

12 2018/09/30 The Landing Zone, Australia

13 2019/04/05 The Sport center Kattevenia, Belgium

14 2019/05/07 The Winsport, Calgary, Canada

15 2019/11/15 The Park Gorskiy-Novosibirsk, Russia

16 2020/03/12 The Allpro Freestyle Snowboard and Ski Park ,


17 2020/04/29 The Snow Sports NZ Dry Slope,New Zealand

18 2020/08/27 The KLAPPEN SKI RESORT, Sweden

19 2021/04/01 The Australia-National Snow Sports Training Center,

Jindabyne, Australia

20 2021/05/24 The Jisan Resort Air Park, Icheon, South Korea

21 2021/06/15 Krasnoyarsk, Russia

22 2021/07/02 JSC Gornolizhniy Engineering, Russia

23 2021/08/13 The Dry Slopes Saitama Quest, Japan(additional


24 2021/10/12 The Banger Ski Park, Austria(additional purchase)

25 2021/10/19 The Rexue Kuke Ski Club,Taiwan

26 2021/10/20 The National Snow Sports Training Center,Jindabyne,

Australia(additional purchase)

27 2022/02/15 The Allpro Freestyle Snowboard and Ski Park in

Russia(additional purchase)

28 2022/04/29 The Banger Ski Park, Austria(additional purchase)

29 2022/05/23 The Allpro freestyle snowboard and ski park(additional

purchase) Russia

30 2022/05/23 Sun Ah Heavy Equipment Ltd.,Hongkong

31 2022/06/07 The Silverstar freestyle, Canada

32 2022/10/28 The Dry Slopes Aichi Quest, Japan(additional purchase)

33 2022/11/29 Taitten Cowan,CA, USA

34 2022/11/29 The leysin(BIG AIR), Switzerland

35 2023/02/15 Trafford City Snow Center Ltd, U.K.

36 2023/03/07 The National Olympic Training Center, Chile


“Mushroom”&“Dry ski”!?

May 29, 2007

Mr. Jian Feng invented the dry ski mat of needle mushroom and at the same time.

Mr. Jian Feng also invented the Chinese term "dry ski," which matches "roller ice"(Pronunciation is very close).

JFdry ski History



Principle of simulation technology

In terms of design, JF Dryski first proposed the concept of layered dry ski mats. Different layers have different functions, as close as possible to the structure of natural snow. The first layer is the sliding layer, consisting of smooth and low-friction beads for smooth glide. The second layer is the impact protection and steering layer that provides edge support and creates a strong grip effect while gently protecting the skier due to its high elasticity; the third layer is the high-speed braking layer that ensures safety without losing control Emergency stop; The fourth layer is a metal aluminum base layer similar to an ice layer, which is firm and does not deform. When the skier falls, and the ski equipment hits the Dry ski mat, the layer can maintain good shape, including the change of cold and heat weather.

Product Structure

Needle Mushroom Dry ski mats are composed of two different materials, namely a metal base and engineering plastics. The connection of dry ski mats adopts a design of interface insert grooves on the base. The installation method is similar to that of wooden floors, which is simple and convenient. At the same time, the connection between the plastic parts and the base adopts the plug-in chute design that is easy to replace the plastic unit damaged by impact. When the plastic part is damaged by impact, the base does not need to be moved; only the damaged plastic unit in the dry ski mat needs to be replaced, which saves maintenance costs.

Three characteristics of Mushroom Dry ski mats

Safety, lubrication, and simulation. 14,400 beads per square meter, the surface is glossy and smooth, and the high-density tiny beads on the top of the surface protect skiers from scratches and serious injuries when falling. Mushroom Dry ski mats are the thickest of all dry ski mats, with good resilience, allowing skiers to get a strong and real feeling of skiing like on real snow when making movements. Unlike other dry ski mats, it provides a real rebound feeling when skiers put pressure on the skis. In addition, mushroom Dry ski mats help skiers develop good ski muscle memory. Skiers can perform all technical movements as they do on real snow, such as edge control, carving, skidding, and emergency stops. In addition, it provides authentic auditory feedback when skiing on Needle Mushroom Dry ski mats. The sound can also remind skiers in front to dodge in time and reduce collision accidents.

What is the Riding ski slope?

As the name suggests, the riding slope rides down the Riding ski slope. On a dry ski slope, there are several stools like long benches called riding ski units on the riding slope. It is fixed on the Riding ski slope by the vertical extension slope, about 50 meters to 100 meters long, and the distance between each riding ski is about 2 meters. Beginners ride on the ski units in a vertical skiing position and slide down. Under normal conditions, when skiers are standing between the riding ski units, they can focus on practicing vertical braking, speed control, and other basic techniques for getting started with skiing. Skiers can sit on the riding ski units to slow down or even stop when losing control. Riding ski slope features:

  • 1. It solves the fear and difficulty of speed control for beginners when they experience skiing and improves the conversion rate of skiers getting started.
  • 2. A skier who can't control their speed while sliding down a slope is like a driver who cannot apply the brakes driving on the road with enormous hidden dangers. Many accidents on the ski resort are caused by beginners who cannot control their speed. The riding slope was developed with the specific aim of addressing this concern.
  • 3. Before this, the prevailing solution to this issue has always been retaining instructors and coaches to provide one-on-one lessons to beginners. As a result, the ski resort needs to hire many instructors when a large number of beginners attend the ski course at the same time. In addition, usually employing a large number of coaches will increase the operating costs for the dry ski resort.

4. The riding ski slope is a practical teaching facility for dry ski resorts, which has widely been part of the standard configuration of many large dry ski resorts.

The BIG AIR of Dry ski?

The JF Dryski BIG AIR has been specially developed for summer freestyle skiing and snowboarding training. Its prototype takes Zhenxue BIG AIR as the primary technical parameter. The innovations in slope, technical conditions, and dry snow blanket installation technology of the JF Dryski BIG AIR allow it to replicate similar effects to the real BIG AIR. Furthermore, BIG AIR landing ramps ensure the safety of athletes with airbags (straw type) made of unique materials, making them a popular choice among professional athletes worldwide. In recent years, with athletes' training in BIG AIR, the performance of athletes in the Winter Olympics can be greatly improved and will give them the edge.


Unattended Magic Carpet

The magic carpet is a people transport device that transports skiers to the top of the slope. Ordinary magic carpet power units are designed at the exit of the magic carpet, which is prone to injury accidents and must be watched by someone. As for the magic carpet invented by Mr. JIAN FENG, the power section is scattered in the belly of the conveyor belt. There is no unit at the exit and it will not hurt people. The number of people has exceeded hundreds of thousands, and there have been zero injuries.

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Lined Wireframe Portrait Frame

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